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Our mission is to empower our clients to take back control of their financial situation by ensuring they are supported, educated and informed, breaking the debt cycle once and for all.  We are all about taking the heaviness and significance of debt away and finding the right solutions for our clients to move forward, empowered and excited about life, back on track and thriving.

We offer a unique and personalised service, where our clients are key.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for each and every individual,

regardless of circumstance. We never judge; we support, educate, motivate and empower.

Years of experience in the field of debt negotiation and management has given us a deep understanding of debt distress and the personal stories that accompany it. We have seen and solved debt crisis across the entire spectrum; from health and family matters, to unforeseen life events and changing circumstances such as unemployment or relationship breakdown. Our focus is always on the  individual and working with them to get the best possible outcome so that they are free to move forward powerfully with their life.


Kitty Thomas

Debt Angels founder Kitty Thomas is utterly committed to changing the conversation around debt; committed to removing the alienation, shame and isolation that debt distress can cause and committed to showing people that talking about debt is not only OK, it is the first vital step to taking back control and regaining a positive financial outlook. Kitty is a strong opponent of Part IX Debt Agreements, instead campaigning to spread the word that #thereisanotherway and to support as many people as possible, in and through the process.

Kitty knows what it is like to live with an unserviceable debt load. How? Because she has been there.  At twenty something, fresh-faced and passionate and a social entrepreneur to her core, Kitty took a gamble with a business venture, overnight ending up with $150K worth of unsecured debt. Her initial response was a typical one, she buried her head in the sand and hoped it would go away. Of course it didn’t. 

Five years later, Kitty decided enough was enough and took steps to resolve her situation. 

Rejecting the initial solution on offer, a Part IX Debt Agreement (that was sold to her as a consolidation loan, but when she looked into it further, it wasn’t that, it was an act of bankruptcy that would affect her for the long term) Kitty utilised the skills she had gained through her professional background in communications, marketing and PR to cultivate strong relationships with her creditors, and in the process, gained a deep understanding of the options available to individuals in debt distress, discovering that these pathways were not widely known. As she carried out her own financial recovery, she acquired extensive knowledge around the legislation, processes and requirements of creditors when dealing with individuals in debt distress, and what approach was needed to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for client and creditor alike.

Once she had successfully achieved her own financial recovery, Kitty began to use this knowledge to help others in similar circumstances, initially friends and family, but it didn’t take long for demand for her unique and incredibly effective approach to grow.

After hearing story after story of people struggling to get out of the spiral of debt, Kitty soon realised how desperately a new approach to debt distress was needed, and so Debt Angels was born.

Formalising and expanding upon the approach that Kitty developed during her own financial recovery, Debt Angels enables Kitty to bring her own unique and highly personalised approach to a wider audience, supported by a dedicated team of like-minded individuals. 


Kitty is now living her life’s purpose - to help others by revolutionizing the options available to those living in debt distress, empowering them to take back control of their lives without selling out to acts of bankruptcy. She is a thought leader on the issues associated with debt distress as well as an advocate for the solutions available to create lasting change and is committed to empowerment, opening up the conversation and providing education in response to debt related issues. Empowerment through information, education and transformation.  

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Welcome to Debt Angel Solutions

Our team is dedicated to providing you with a service that delivers the best possible solutions for your individual circumstances, free from judgement and where you feel fully supported all the way.


To deliver this, our teams are carefully chosen, bringing with them specific expertise enabling them to fulfil their role with power and passion.  We divide up the accountabilities to ensure that the person

serving you through each part of your journey is the right one. 






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