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Dan & Avery

Dan and Avery were already suffering from a lot of financial pressure when the pandemic smashed both of their industries and a bad situation suddenly became a whole lot worse!

We were able to step in and take the weight off their shoulders, worked with their creditors to settle a lot of their debt and gave them the space to breathe.  This allowed them to get creative and come up with a fantastic new business opportunity that is now going from strength to strength.

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A successful Senior Manager in a large hospitality chain, Eva came to us with $52k of debt. Having been drastically affected by her industry fallout from COVID-19 that had seen her income slashed.  A victim of a horrifically abusive childhood and toxic marriage, had her in pieces, emotionally and financially.

We took the pressure off Eva, putting a hold on all interest, fees, charges and payments so that she could take a step back, see what was possible and what solutions were available to allow her to reset her life.  We wish Eva every success as she works to transform her life and breaks the toxic patters of the past, giving her children the start to life that she never had!

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Tim came to us in pieces. Weighed down by a $30K debt that was accruing $4.5K in interest a year!  His marriage had ended, he had lost his job and he was stranded overseas, unable to get back to Australia for the best part of a year thanks to the pandemic.

We worked with Tim to negotiate a reduced settlement on his debt of just $20K, including our fees!!!!

Tim was able to finally see a way forward and decided to move to the Sunshine State to start a new life with a much brighter future

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Casey came to us with almost $60K in unsecured debts over 8 different accounts. After falling pregnant, Casey went into labour at only 22 weeks, giving birth to her baby boy with a 25% chance of survival. Now at 2 years of age , he is smashing many of the medical expectations that were originally given for him.  As sole carer for her little boy, it became clear that it would be impossible for Casey to return to work. 

Over 12 months, we managed to address Caseys’s situation, we negotiated the settlement of her original debt of $60K down to a total amount of $16,487, saving her nearly $43K!  We know this mum is a fighter and her little king is lucky to have her by his side now and forever we wish them all the love and best wishes in the world

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Eric came to us in a desperate situation. His marriage suffered from the inconsistency of his work requirements, and ended in divorce.  After receiving poor legal advice, he lost almost every asset the couple had and found himself locked into a Binding Child Support Agreement.  


Desperately ill with cancer, fighting for his life and unable to earn an income, he began spiraling into debt as he was forced to rely on his credit card to make his child support payments.  When he originally came to us, Eric had over $63K in debt.   Over a period of 12 months, we got the full amount of his debts waived due to his circumstances and challenges.

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Marisa came to us drowning in $21K of credit card debt. Her husband was struck down by dementia. He and his family suffered for years.

In his final months Marisa had been forced to pay for all his expensive treatments on credit card as she didn’t have any money.

Marisa was heartbroken and had no idea how she would ever pay it back!

We were able to step in and help her out by waiving her debt completely and giving this beautiful lady her final moments with her husband, free from the stress of completely unmanageable debt. Marisa’s story is just one example of why we do what we do every day. We are in the business of giving people their lives back, needless to say Marisa was extremely grateful for the difference we made.

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