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"Do you have special magic powers? I was so close to be #$c^k and I didn’t realise. You have really saved my life. Thanks mate.”

- Margaret -

After moving to Prague and starting work there, I found myself unable to keep with payments on my Australian credit cards. The bills were getting out of control and I was totally freaking out, until I contacted Debt Angels.

Kitty has so far helped get my debt back under control, got the banks off

my back, and saved me a whole lot of money in the process.

If you’re losing sleep because of debt, I totally recommend contacting

Debt Angels for some peace of mind.

- Peter Vesely -

"I had my first communication with Kitty from Debt Angels over 6 months ago …

it took me about 3 months after that to work up the courage to call and start the process of unravelling my debt story. Once we got over that hurdle and came to agreement to work together, I felt a huge burden had lifted from my life …I was now free to focus on re-structuring my business and get on with making money.


I still regularly hit fatigue and stress blocks; I can’t even express how much of a relief it is to have someone else on the frontline dealing with my creditors while I release all the fear and anxiety as it impacts me – it is great to be able to do that from a safe space, great to be able to nurture myself while I get my life back on track financially.

I highly recommend Debt Angels to anyone who is struggling with debt – they are so kind, non-judgemental; and great at problem solving.

 -DVM Central Coast -

"Hi darling, We are over the moon with what you have achieved. I started a new assignment today, so am still feeling my way. You are soooooo awesome. Hubby wants to know what you drink for helping to save my sanity. I can’t express how much you have done for us.”

Having this debt almost gone is nothing short of a miracle (of the angelic kind  you really are an angel – the work you do is endless, emotional and at times exhausting AND through it all you never cease to be a complete stand for getting the best possible outcome those in your care.

You have to know, the impact you have made in my life and the lives of all those you assist is immeasurable; by lifting the burden of debt from our lives we can breath again, your expertise, love and care is such an amazing contribution – Angel Kitty, you give people back their lives – literally!


I know I have a way to go yet, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel,

when twelve months ago I could not even see the tunnel.


Thank you Thank you Thank you!

- Love Asha -

“I have referred many of my clients to Debt Angels to sort out their debt and credit woes and what a service. Kitty and her team handle this touchy subject with such understanding and professionalism, making a really difficult time so much easier for those wanting a little breathing space from their debtors. Debt Angels have been absolutely indispensable to my clients, completely changing their financial futures and helping them create something positive out of a negative situation."

- Bessie Bardot - Bubble Media  -

So it’s been 3 months since you helped us get financial freedom as well as our lives back and thought I’d share with you where we’re at;

We have savings in our savings account ready for some big bills at the end of September and we have even started squirrelling away tiny bits into a hidden account for a big trip we want to take for our 40th in a few years. 

On top of this almost every week we have money left over in our account from our pays and all our bills are paid on time. It’s funny but our minds still haven’t quite caught up that we are OK and that we have enough money to cover all we need. I’m sure this will come in time after all it was a looong stressful time in our world. So just wanted to say another big thank you to you. Still soooo darn grateful I contacted you what feels like a lifetime ago!! 

Much love
- Jude -

"I was referred to Kitty by a friend after realising it was time for an SOS –

I was in a bad place financially, in the middle of a divorce, working for myself and juggling a part-time role, 2 young kids and an acquired lifestyle I was trying to keep

up with it was a recipe for disaster. I never doubted there was a way out but my head was so fuzzy I couldn’t think straight to map the path.


After chatting with Kitty and engaging her services I found the headspace and clarity to think straight. Kitty was able to buy me time in the first instance to work through my financials and remind myself I could get through. The most amazing part of Kitty’s service aside from her caring and warm nature was her ability to negotiate with creditors on my behalf with huge success!

It was a process and it hasn’t been easy but it has been so much easier with the help, initiative and care from Kitty and her team. Forever grateful!

 - Karen R. -


"You’ve given me new lungs to breathe and space to create my life again. The looming debt, just making minimum payments was depressing, heavy and a terrible burden in my way that I was not overcoming and losing the battle with. You really are a Debt Angel and I am not going to waste this opportunity to sort out my finances and my life. I am so grateful to you and your team for this space.
On behalf of my young daughter and myself
Thank you so very very much”

 -Jenni Ryan -

"You’ve given me new lungs to breathe and space to create my life again. The looming debt, just making minimum payments was depressing, heavy and a terrible burden in my way that I was not overcoming and losing the battle with. You really are a Debt Angel and I am not going to waste this opportunity to sort out my finances and my life. I am so grateful to you and your team for this space.
On behalf of my young daughter and myself
Thank you so very very much”

 - Anne -

"With all the expenses of running a household as a single mum, combined with a lack of good decision-making at times, I found myself up to the neck in a financial crisis in April 2017. I was at the point of working solely to pay off my credit card and using what I had paid to live, minus interest. I honestly had no idea how I was going to change that situation and living in a tourist town, about to go into the quiet season, I was panic stricken and really feeling the pinch. This affected my moods, my energy levels and my overall attitude to life in less than positive ways, which in turn was affecting my biggest priority. Parenthood. I was in dire straights to say the least.


One day I was confiding with my sister, who lives in Sydney, and she told me about a friend of hers who might be able to help. She said the business was called Debt Angels. Straight away I felt positive about it. Even the name sounded like it was for me, because right then, I knew that I needed some kind of divine intervention. I called Kitty, from Debt Angels and she explained to me that she might be able to help me get a reprieve from the impossible mountain I had been attempting to climb. I slept so much better that night, after I’d spoken to her, knowing I had options and support.


The signing up and paperwork process was really easy and took very little of my time. I wasn’t 100 per cent sure, even though Kitty had answered all my questions completely, as I guess it just felt unnatural to suddenly have that huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I went ahead, basically because I knew I had to.


Cutting up my cards was liberating and not at all scary to me. I felt like it was a turning point and that my new life from that day forward was going to be so much better than climbing that mountain day after day. The mountain is still there, but I’ve had a chance to get off it and reassess my new strategy for climbing it as soon as I can.


Meanwhile, on my career front, I have been writing articles like this one, sending out blogs and content and finishing a book about single parenting that I started two years ago. I had so many articles uncompleted and new ideas had stopped flowing because I had been a slave to those huge minimum repayments.


Now, without that stress I am finding that the writer’s block is gone. At last I’m finding new energy to start afresh in my career and try again. I guess I was so stressed out,

I couldn’t think straight, let alone form sentences.


 I realise now that my situation, and my reaction to it were like a vicious circle. The more stressed I became, the less I was able to do about it. Debt is tiring as I am sure you know and most of us don’t even know that when it becomes overwhelming there are places to rest for a while and regroup.

There’s still a long road ahead of me in becoming debt free but I really feel that this time out has been a great help. It has given me the opportunity to gain some perspective and a chance to rebuild my career in a way that is more aligned with future prosperity. As it turned out, I was right, there has been very little paid work in my hometown this winter and it would almost certainly have been a very hard time for my family to stay afloat. Instead of getting pressured calls from the credit card companies all winter, I received very polite letters from both of them advising me that I had been granted a short-term reprieve.

And breathe.

Debt Angels had helped the credit card companies to see me as a person, not just as a number to call, on repeat. My only regret is that I didn’t find this service two years ago as I could have halved the amount of debt I went in to. Lesson learned. If you can see the writing on the wall, read it and contact Debt Angels sooner rather than later.

Accepting help from them was one of the best decisions I could have made in starting to get my financial life on track.


Thank you Debt Angels!

- Lou Minty - 

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