We are looking for someone who is warm and strong, firm and kind.


Someone who is the right kind of crazy yet also controlled and organised.

We are looking for someone who can coach and guide, write with compassion, love and conviction. 

Someone who is passionate about making a difference and is committed to helping and adding value to people’s lives.

We want people who have a strong resolve to educate and advocate for those who may not know how, ultimately creating a lasting positive impact for individuals' rights inside the financial industry.





General Tasks

  • Coordinating with department heads to ensure smooth business operations

  • Overseeing quality control of services and products

  • Dealing with correspondence, complaints and queries

  • Attending meetings with senior management

  • Overseeing competitors analysis every quarter  


Accounting and Financials

  • Managing office expenditure and budgets

  • Reporting statistics and company updates to the Director

  • Undertaking accounting responsibilities 

  • Overseeing and managing the accounting officer


Human Ressources

  • Supervising, mentoring, training, and coaching our office staff and delegating assignments to ensure maximum productivity.

  • Assisting the organisation's HR function by keeping personnel records up to date, conducting interviews with managing director

  • Managing staff's leave requests, project delegation and management and conducting staff annual reviews.


Project Management

  • Overseeing and contributing to the continued development of processes and manual

  • Developing and implementing new administrative systems/processes

  • Assisting with the development and testing of company apps/software

  • Managing and maintaining data


  • Ability to sympathise and provide encouragement and moral support to clients

  • Excellent consulting, influencing, and client engagement aptitude

  • Highly organised and efficient time management abilities

  • Innovative and self-motivated

  • Possesses good leadership skills

  • Active listener

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Skill in counseling/coaching techniques

  • Ability to create action plans in order to improve business practices

  • Ability to navigate various tools

  • Analytical and resourceful problem solver

  • Ability to work effectively with others on sensitive topics (like family finances), particularly those in vulnerable situations


We are a financial company like no other! We take a holistic approach to solving debt by standing up for our clients' rights, saving them time and money, transforming lives on a daily basis and making things possible for people to break free from the constraints of debt. 


  • This a part-time management role with an opportunity for growth!

  • We offer an above-average salary rate with bonus opportunities.

  • Our company is growing fast and we'd love for you to grow with us.

  • Work with a dynamic team of fun, solution-focused and friendly people committed to helping people reset their lives and create a financially free future! 

Please submit your application to info@debtangelsolutions.com with your credentials telling us what inspires and motivates you and why you’d be the perfect fit for this role.