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We are looking for someone who is warm and strong, firm and kind.


Someone who is the right kind of crazy yet also controlled and organised.

We are looking for someone who can coach and guide, write with compassion, love and conviction. 

Someone who is passionate about making a difference and is committed to helping and adding value to people’s lives.

We want people who have a strong resolve to educate and advocate for those who may not know how, ultimately creating a lasting positive impact for individuals' rights inside the financial industry.




We are a financial company like no other! We take a holistic approach to solving debt by standing up for our clients' rights, saving them time and money, transforming lives on a daily basis and making things possible for people to break free from the constraints of debt.


  • We have been there, so we understand how debilitating it is to live with debt distress

  • We have extensive knowledge of your creditors, their requirements and how we can work
    with them to get the best possible results

  • We are “real people” who understand that we are working with “real people” going through “real situations”

  • We are clear and authentic in our communication. We listen, assess and give it to you straight, always with warmth, compassion and understanding

  • We are not afraid to practice tough love when required, in order to keep you committed and on track
    with your “get out of debt strategy”

  • We help our clients to keep moving forward. Staying stagnant is not an option

  • We are solution focused, encouraging our clients to take responsibility to commit to
    transforming their situation

  • We have an unwavering focus on ensuring the best possible outcome

  • We are highly personalised; we get into our clients’ world, connect and find out where they’re at, tailoring our solutions to individual client circumstances, providing alternative ways to take back control

  • Our focus is understanding, educating and empowering our clients to find the solution that’s right for them, creating and implementing a unique customised get out of debt strategy


  • Build a solid working relationship with creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys/law firms to negotiate secured/unsecured debts for arrangements and/or reduced settlement on clients’ behalf

  • Communicate effectively and persuasively

  • Gather and submit required documentation for negotiation and approval of debt arrangements

  • Reporting and other tasks that may be assigned from time to time by direct supervisor

  • Ability to navigate the system and request for guidance if needed

  • Must have negotiation experience

  • High organization skills with keen attention to details

  • Self-motivated and independent

  • Effective and persuasive communication skills, both written and verbally

  • Customer-focused and a team player

  • Has a positive and fun attitude and a strong willingness to stand up for people's rights and bring about lasting change



Please send us your resume at and a cover letter telling us what inspires and motivates you and why you’d be the perfect fit for this role.